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The Copy Mentor is a truly new and unique way to improve your business writing or that of your team. It's based on my 42 years' experience as a writer and a boss, but it's really just a high-tech version of the way masters have trained apprentices for centuries, if not millennia.

Put simply, I will edit your copy and send it back to you with a video showing how and why I edited it that way. Over time, you (or your writers) will be able to edit your own work, and The Copy Mentor service will become redundant. That is my highest ambition.

About 80 to 90 percent of what's wrong with business writing can be corrected by applying these five editing principles:

  • The You Rule – How to address your readers as individuals.
  • Active Verbs -- How to increase reader interest by changing passive and state-of-being verbs to active ones.
  • Editing -- How to trim fatty sentences so they're easier for your readers to digest.
  • Logic bombs – How to ask the right questions of your writing – so your readers come up with the right answers.
  • Oiling the Gears -- How to silence clunky links between phrases and clauses.

I can teach you and your team how to apply these principles to all of your business writing, from basic reports to complex documents. Best of all, I can show you WHY the edited versions are better than the originals. That's the secret of teaching that goes beyond mere "training", and gives your people a true understanding of how written language works. The result is better communications for your company and a growing culture of rigorous thinking. See the "Tutorials" page for examples. Click here to submit your copy for editing.

These five principles are covered in my book, Write Like You Mean Business. The book also teaches you how to diagram sentences, which is by far the best method for learning how grammar and sentence structure affect readability. To read reviews of the book, click here.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to doing business with you.

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John Hancock
The Copy Mentor

P.S.  The heading photos, which are changed several times a month, are my work. I hope you enjoy them.


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